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Knowledge comes from learning; wisdom comes from experiencing.

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”Thanks again for all your support. Very grateful I connected with you!!"

”I thank the universe for people like Tish as it has helped me not only understand myself more, but share in the light in a variety of ways to help others."

”[The] session with you was such a powerful step in the right direciton."


Meet Tish

Hi, Tish here! I am so honored and blessed to work with each and every one of my clients. I love watching the "ah ha" moments they receive. A client may begin a session feeling burdened by life, but they leave it feeling lighter and more at peace.

I would love working with you, too!

I have taken what I've learned and created on my own personal journey (over 25 years) and the decade as a practitioner and teacher, and I share this knowledge and experience with you. 

I am a reiki master and the creator of Higher Mind Reiki - a course for today's reiki students. I also have a bachelor's in metaphysics. 

I will be offering the Higher Mind Reiki course online for those who can't get here in person, so watch this space!

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